Friday, November 02, 2001

the journal of peace research back issues contain what i found to be a surprisingly large number of islam- and/or afghanistan-related articles.
the guardian presents "How not to win a war": "Even while military commanders talked of a new kind of war, they were actually pursuing the old, discredited kind." i was told this would be a war against terrorism. terror has been our primary weapon. i want my money back.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

"I shouted,'fxxk you' meaning it seriously for the first time in my life today." i think that was also the first time anyone has seriously said "fuck you" to me.

CRAFT-D-2 IP RELATIONSHIP HAPPINESS SCALE: "Ask yourself the following question as you rate each area: If my loved one continues to act the way she or he has been acting in the last 30 days, how happy am I with them in each of the following areas? Then circle the number that applies." if only life were so simple.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

yesterday, tony blair gave a speech:"All these concerns deserve to be answered. No one who raises doubts is an appeaser or a faint heart. We are a democracy, strong enough to have doubts raised even at a time of war and wise enough to be able to respond to them." why can't our leader say something like that?

rather than try to open dialogue, the american government seems to be focusing its energy on telling the american public how to feel: "The US is to marshal the efforts of the advertising world to help sell the bombing of Afghanistan to the American public."

george orwell wrote in 1984: "The purpose of Newspeak is not only to provide medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to devotees of Ingsoc, but to make all other methods of thought impossible."
i just discovered that the daily vidette has an online version with archives. so i can now point to another press picture of me.
nonviolence works.

i just got home from spending the night at a mock refugee camp on illinois state university's campus. i was helping someone set up his tent when three male students approached the camp. one of them had a megaphone and was saying things about how we wanted to become friends with terrorists and we don't love our country. one camper yelled back "come over here and talk with us!" they stopped about twenty feet from the camp, so the campers started walking towards them. the campers began a conversation with the counter-demonstrators and things were generally hostile at first. then one of the campers offered his "opponent" a cigarette, and made some joke about "killing each other slowly." the tension gradually lowered after that and the conversation lasted about 30 minutes.

before the counter-demonstrators left, everyone was laughing, shaking hands, and saying "keep in touch." the campers were even playing with the megaphone. the counter-demonstrators walked away saying "good luck. keep warm." it was such a dramatic change in mood that i could hardly believe what i had seen.

so that was amazing. on a less promising note, one of the campers called 911 as soon as the situation started. neither the city nor campus police (both of which had been pre-notified of the camp) ever showed up. if 911 doesn't show up when someone calls, what is it good for?

Sunday, October 28, 2001

natalie malinarich at bbc news reports: "Osama Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network may have acquired nuclear materials, according to the Western intelligence sources quoted in the British media...However, experts insist that al-Qaeda does not have the technical competence to build a nuclear weapon." the "experts" are becoming less and less comforting as it becomes increasingly obvious that they have no idea what terrible thing will happen tomorrow.
sometimes i think dave winer just tries to be offensive and thoughtless just to get attention: "How about we bomb Mecca, and call it even? Icon for icon." more importantly, innocent lives for innocent lives. i remember when i thought dave winer had an interesting perspective. then he started talking about anything (and everything) but scripting. i'm replacing my perma-link to scripting news with one to mac scripting.
my car doesn't start any more - dead battery. my phone doesn't work either - also dead battery. at least the internet still works. i think i'd have some trouble living without all of these luxuries.
yesterday i participated in a public march. we held signs with words like "stop bombing starving children" or "less bombs, more food." there were maybe 40 people there, but the news made it look like there were maybe 150. some people drove by, honked, and gave us the finger. others drove by, honked, and gave up a thumbs up. one woman drove up, slowed down, rolled down her window, calmly said "my son is in the military. i disagree" and then drove away.

on friday night i met a decorated gulf war veteran, who is also a palestinian muslim. interested perspective for sure. he opposes the current US military action.

last night i went to hear SONiA perform. she started with phil ochs' "is there anybody here". it was a great concert. i bought a CD.