Thursday, November 22, 2001 is anti-war.
the sunday times has a long piece about the school of the americas.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

the nando times reports on the SOA demonstrations: "About 9,000 demonstrators." indy media reported 15,000, which raises the question: who counts large crowds, and how do they do it?

also, indy media has removed the report i mentioned yesterday that someone threw a washing machine over the fence. did that happen or not? if not, i would expect indy media to make a formal retraction. if so, why did they remove it?
webpics does almost everything i'd want a desktop photo gallery application to do. now i'd just like it to save the gallery in an open format (XML). then i could easily move my local photo gallery to an online hosted photo gallery service.

Monday, November 19, 2001

i got back at 3am this morning from the SOA demonstrations at ft. benning, georgia. the only news coverage i've been able to find so far is at indy media. here is a picture including me (right side, red sweatshirt, on the yellow line), and here is one including my friend david (right side, denim jacket, brown hat). we must have left just before "Someone attempted to pull the fence down." everything was calm and nonviolent the whole time i was there. i worked on saturday and sunday as a "peacekeeper", which was mostly just crowd control. on sunday, i tried to keep the procession evenly spaced to avoid crowding, panic, and violence. that means i got to see the entire procession (IMC says 15,000) as it came through my area. i remember looking at certain people, mostly with (non-costume) masks over their faces, militant dress, angry chants and movements, etc. and thinking "if anyone makes this violent, i''m guessing it will be these people." i'm not sure who threw a washing machine over the fence, but i am pretty sure that it will hurt more than help the movement to end american training of terrorists at the school of the americas. that's my thoughts right now. i'll try to go into more detail about the rest of the weekend, which was overwhelmingly good, when i have more time later.