Friday, January 18, 2002

i added a search engine for this blog on the left. the results aren't particularly useful, as every page starts with the same text. i'll look for something better soon. i'm working on a client-side bloggerAPI implementation on after that will come a server-side implementation, and then i'll move the blog. that's at least a few months down the road, though.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

i've been reading some marx. while i was taking a shower this morning, i realized how to succinctly summarize marxism in the terms of pop culture: "we are living in a material world, but i am not a material girl."

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

all the books at the university book store have "used saves" stickers on them. i'm hoping to base a religion called "usedism" ("oo-sed-is-m") on these stickers. i'm also hoping to have the only page that comes up under a search for "usedism" on google. i'll worry about the basic beliefs of the religion (other than "used saves") later.
good news: juan forero of the new york times writes "Peace Talks in Colombia Are Revived" : "In a televised address tonight, Mr. Pastrana said: 'The peace process continues. This is a result of the conviction of the immense majority of the Colombian people and the international community that the best way to stop the conflict that is bleeding Colombia is through dialogue and negotiation.'"

Sunday, January 13, 2002

i went to high school with kyle pula. now he's blogging a semester in china. other than spelling, he writes well. hopefully he'll continue to post often.
william broad of the new york times writes "U.S. Selling Papers Showing How to Make Germ Weapons": "For $15, anyone can buy 'Selection of Process for Freeze-Drying, Particle Size Reduction and Filling of Selected BW Agents,' or germs for biological warfare." is it even worthwhile to try to remove these from public access? obviously the same information is available elsewhere (at least from anyone who has previously bought this document).