Saturday, April 27, 2002

"The Israeli army is searching for Palestinian gunmen who it says infiltrated the Jewish settlement of Adora near the West Bank town of Hebron and killed at least four Israeli settlers, including a 5-year-old girl."

what exactly is the plan here?

for israel, obviously the attacks have had no positive effect on the willingness of palestians to kill israelis, and yet they continue with the explicit support of most of israel. for palestinians, obviously random killing of israelis isn't going to change israeli policy, and yet it continues with implicit support of most of palestine.

who is going to "win" this? no one. after thirty five years, how can either side believe otherwise?
on "I used to think the gap between those already doing this kind of work and those just getting into it would start to narrow. Instead I think it's widdening. " "People arean't catching up, they're falling further behind. A large knowledge base is required to do anything state-of-the-art, and it takes longer and longer to aquire that knowledge." - Michael Abrash (former Microsoftie - now with Doom-makers at id)

abrash is just looking at the wrong art, the kind where the state doesn't change because the interests are too entrenched.

Friday, April 26, 2002

"Each one of these processes and systems is evil enough to merit a thorough description of its own historical singularity..." true. but will it again be too late to stop the processes by the time we've thoroughly described them?

Thursday, April 25, 2002

"The whole universe may be, to use Guth's phrase, 'a free lunch.' The primordial 'stuff' of inflation, he and other cosmologists contend, is very likely a spontaneous creation." i can't say i understand most of this, but it seems to be a very complicated way of explaining the obvious idea that at some point in an expanding universe, something had to come from nothing.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

in the next month i hope to do the following things: clean up, publish the source for, move this blog to, record a CD, get a job, go to the dentist, go to the doctor.

i have some doubts that i will accomplish all of that, but if i can just do the getting a job part the rest won't be so important.
yesterday i won two awards. at lunch, i found out that i won the technos award. it's given every year to a graduating international studies major. technos international college in japan funds it and the president of that college comes to graduation and makes a small speech and the winner (that's me) gets to (has to?) sit on stage during graduation. it's not money, but i get some sort of japanese culture package. so that was exciting.

in the afternoon i had my defense for my research honors project (which you can read online), and that went well i guess. they had some pretty harsh criticisms of what i wrote, but when it was over they said that they were giving me the kind of criticism they would have given a professional scholar. so i say i guess it went well, though it certainly didn't seem like it at the time. i got research honors anyway. practically, that means the title of my project will be printed in the graduation program. i think i'll probably enjoy that more than the sitting on stage.
a website i've been working on for a couple weeks just "went live" a few minutes ago. you can look at all the content (and admire the browser-safe use of CSS), or just listen to a couple songs i wrote.
yesterday was the last day of college classes for me. actually, i have another month of classes, but i'll already have my diploma, so it won't be quite the same. anyway, i'm done with the hard part, and now i have a lot of time to write about it.

Monday, April 22, 2002

i like to carve soap. does anyone else outside of prison like to carve soap? (better yet, is anyone in prison and reading my weblog?) what i like about carving soap is that it's quick (quicker than wood or stone) to carve, and it doesn't often break in unexpected ways (like wood or stone tend to do).
"Clearly, it's a perfect pastime for anyone with an attitude and some spare time."

attitude has a somewhat negative connotation. i'd say that anyone with an opinion and enough free time to express it should blog. and anyone else should first get themselves an opinion and some free time and then blog.
hmmm... can someone explain this to me?

the new york times has a syndicated feed, but they've made this feed available only to userland, who then made it available to all of their customers. but then today, dave winer of userland announces a new weblog: Headlines From The NY Times. and this weblog has an rss feed. so now anyone can syndicate the new york times, but only by going through userland. so why isn't the times making the original feed publicly available? why the bottleneck?

this is certainly good news, but i'm very confused. does the new york times just have no idea what's going on?

Sunday, April 21, 2002